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Ouch holy cow ouch.  I burnt my tongue the other day on coffee (what else?) and I'm just not liking the healing process.  If I eat it hurts.  This could be good for weight loss.  Ha.  No thanks.  

Have you ever done it?  If I had been by the sink when I took that sip I would have quick spit it out but I wasn't.  I figure I can tough it out and it's going to cool to mouth temperature soon, right?  Well sure it cooled down enough to swallow and good thing I didn't try to really tough it out and swallow it right away because my throat would be burnt too.  This sucks!  
So I've been googling around on the net looking for quick remedies for a burnt tongue.  Advice I've read includes, suck on ice, drink lots of milk (it'll coat the burn) eat ice cream (dang we don't have any) and be patient, it will heal.  
Any day now please.  Aye carumba!  Anyone got any home remedies for tongue burn? 

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Its hard to hit send on this blog post because I don't want anyone to think I am looking for credit, it is just that I am so proud of hubby I am bursting with emotions because well

When I was home this weekend the TV was always on and it seemed they were always reporting about these Secret Santas who were going to Kmart and paying off layaways.  How cool would it be to be able to do that for someone?  


My ex sister in law made this post on facebook just a few minutes ago:  "I am so thankful and blessed today. I went to pick up my layaway from Kmart & they told me I had a balance due of $1.00. I questioned the lady because I owed a lot more than that. She said, "a Secret Santa paid off your layaway." Tears of joy & gratitude filled up in my eyes and I asked if there was a way I could thank somebody. She said they are anonymous if you are one who donated money to Kmart this holiday season...I thank you so very much. God Bless everybody this beautiful holiday season.".


As soon as I read him C's post, he picked up his phone and called kmart near his office and asked if he could do it.  Michael went to walmart today and offered to pay off a layaway and customer service told him it was too late.  And now he's headed to Kmart  but please, shhhhh it's a secret!  I am so blessed


WGAL thanks for giving us the idea to bring it back to Milwaukee, hopefully lots of Secret Santas can get busy because Kmart is open until Christmas morning.  If you can do it... go for it!  


Merry Christmas!  


Oh, Nikki said the ex is headed to Kmart back in PA too.  Both good men!  

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