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I could do without them if you took them away from me, but I wouldn't be happy.  Here they are, my can't won't give up.  Ever.  Unless there is no power, then I'm kind of screwed.  haha



1. Electric Can Opener.  It took me a while to come on board with this as I never saw cranking a can open with a hand can opener was a big deal.  Hubby bought this when I came home from the hospital after my spine was fused.  I'm not sure why I didn't want one before!  I never have any problems opening any can and it sure saves my hands.



2.  Keurig Coffee Maker.  I know this isn't the cheapest way to make coffee, but I love having a selection of coffee in the morning.  There is nothing that tastes as good as that first fresh cup of coffee in the morning.  I love being able to have that experience with each cup.



3.  Nespresso Aeroccino Plus.  This is a recent addition to my small kitchen appliance arsenal.  It came as part of a set when I bought my Nespresso C100 on Amazon.  I love that I can add skim milk foam to all my coffee drinks.  I just drop a few stevia flavor drops into the milk before I turn it on to froth and I have a nice sweet skim foam on top.  Another great feature of this frother is that it will either heat your milk up when it foams, or you can hold the button for 2 seconds and you will get a nice thick cold foam for those cappuccino fredo's I love.



4.  Nespresso C100 Espresso Maker I ordered this after being spoiled rotten in Europe on good espresso, real espresso.  I love the bright gem colored capsules all lined up in my Discovery Box (sold separately when you join the Nespresso Club).  


And now, drumroll please, my Favorite New Appliance:



5.  Broan Trash Compactor. I don't know how we lived with out this.  Michael and I make a lot of trash, mainly due to my shopping addiction.  (I swear I'm not a hoarder).  Anyway, one afternoon hubby suggested we go to the casino, and I retorted with "let's buy a trash compactor instead" and he said "sure!".  I ordered it on Overstock and it was delivered to my door for 1.95 shipping!  We had an electrical outlet installed at the end of our breakfast bar and Viola, I have more flat surfaces to put things on.  Not really, I'm just kidding.  


This trash compactor is amazing.  All of our trash, from all the rooms in our house, for an entire seven day week, fit into just one trash compactor bag.  It has a deodorizer disk inside of it that does a wonderful job of controlling odors.  Although I haven't been throwing stinky stuff other than banana peels into it.  In one week, we fill one small garbage bag.  It's amazing.  I feel like I am reducing my carbon footprint.  Now if only we had one for the Amazon boxes that arrive just about daily (my bad).  


So there you have it.  My five don't want to ever live without appliances.  What are yours?

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You'd think I would have come home with suitcases crammed full of souvenirs, clothes for the babies, trinkets for our daughters, but not this time.  During the ship excursions we were busy most of the time touring, and when we did get free time to shop, I was busy taking pictures.  

I really really wanted to buy a purse in Lucca, Italy after we were done touring around the town and finally had some shopping time.  But I couldn't tell the difference between the ones that were selling for 165 euros and the ones that were selling for 35 dollars except price.  And they were so highly pigmented I was afraid if I bought the cheap one it might run on my clothes and I hate when that happens.  What if I bought the more expensive one and it ran?  
So I found no purse for me in Lucca.  That was really the first place I seriously looked.  It was my quest to come home with an Italian bag.  I wasn't about to buy a Gucci or Yves St Laurent, there is just no way I can justify spending that much money on one bag.  I left Lucca empty handed, and the day we went to the place the pope vacations, there really weren't any purse shops there.  There was a leather shop, but nothing that grabbed my attention there.
At the goodbye party for all the dentists and their spouses and family, I met a nice lady dentist from Hawaii and she said she too was a purseaholic and had not found anything in Italy.  She was hoping to find her "Memories" bag in Barcelona where she was spending a few days before heading back to Hawaii.  
That got me excited at the proposition of finding just the perfect purse to bring home from my Mediterranean cruise once we got to Barcelona.  Well the day we toured Barcelona via bus (that story comes later) we went into quite a few purse shops on the main shopping thoroughfare and nothing called me.
Michael was trying to help, picking out things that he thought looked like me…bags that were kind of me, but nothing was that special handbag.  I decided to wait till I got home and find the perfect Italian bag at Zappos.  I google Italian purses and Italian leather purses and nothing nothing nothing and then I found this bag by Michael Kors called Gansevoort in 4 different classic colors that I fell flat on my face for.  I googled more on this bag and discovered that it could possibly made with Italian leather.  However, it is made in China possibly with Italian leather.  That's close enough for me when I am completely smitten with a bag.  


When it arrived today, I carefully opened the white box and pulled out my bag.  It was wrapped in plastic and each handle and each strap of leather was covered with paper for protection.  I did the unveiling with hubby.  Once I removed all the outer wrappings and inner stuffings, I handed it over to him and he said "Someone is going to be jealous" I said who?  He said "Anyone who sees it".  I take that as a compliment from him and that he approves with my choice.  
So here it is:  My Mediterranean Cruise Remembrance Purse.  

Michael Kors


In Love

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we can't get him to sit still for long when he holds the baby, but we each got three snapshots of them together today!  

that would be me who has them in matching outfits.  seriously, i did ask daughters permission first because i just didn't know how she'd feel about dressing them alike.  but she loved the outfits and here they are all ready to head on out to trader joes.   

Quinn and Gavin

I have to admit that i did think that maybe if Gavin wore the same clothes as Quinn, maybe Quinn would identify with Gavin.  Quinn loves his brother, and often lays down beside him and touchs him and says "ah ah baby".  it's the most precious heart-melting beautiful sound. but he does get mad when i leave him to tend the baby.  he gets over it pretty fast though.  i'm proud of him


toddler talk has me entranced lately.  Quinn hollers "HI" from the family room as soon as he hears me coming, but then he quiets down for a bit.  he points to what he wants and says "mmm" and that is pretty clear to grandma!  he pats the floor and says "play".  and i do whatever he says, or pantamimes for me. Grandma and Quinn 

on the way home from TJ's today, we decided to try and count his vocabulary.  Nikki started with Momma, Daddy and baby, and we stopped counting when he hit 40 words and kept on going.  the funniest thing he says is "boozshe", and he knows booze is yucky.  (we can't help it, we live in the drunkest city in the drunkest state of the USA).  Nikki and i laugh when he pipes in with something cute from the back seat, and he mimics our laugh now, with a hearty "hahaha" all of his own.  


my day started early, and the sun rising was beautiful!Sunrise in Big Bend  

and i thought i really need to get up in the morning and go out for some good sunrise photographs.  i'm always too sleepy, cold, or unmotivated, but the sunrises around here take my breath away.  we live up on a little hill overlooking the Fox River out back, and a farmers field and cemetary to our south.  in the mornings when i let the dogs out, i always wish i had my d300, but i rarely go back for it.  maybe someday i'll be a better morning person.


i got home about 2:00 and quickly cleaned up the kitchen and made the bed and straightened up around the house before hubs got home from the gym.   a little while later, the doorbell rang.  it was Fed Ex.

look what came!  a swag box from full of these little packets of goodness that Mr. Quinn loves to eat.  thank you so much ellas, for the surpise box today.  my little 18 month old buddie is going to be so happy when he sees this  


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My first impression?  love.  oh yes.  Steve, thank you so much for this final gift to us. i'm sure there are more of your ideas being worked on at Apple, but let me say this about Siri, amazing.  She doesn't think I am appropriate asking her how old she is.  haha!    


On the outside, it looks identical to the iPhone 4, but on the inside it's a totally different piece of amazement.  It's fast, very fast.  although, i rarely thought the 4 was slow.  The camera will definitely replace my Nikon s8000.  With 5 lens elements, f2.4 aperture, it has become a terrific subsitiute for a point and shoot.  

My camera of choice is my Nikon d300, and when I'm going on a shoot, that is what I bring.  But my phone is always in my pocket, or beside me, so when a special moment happens,  I'm ready to capture it.  The camera screen opens much faster than the old 4.  


It took joining a photo 365 to really consider my iphone 4 a camera.  Taking a daily picture taught me it's limitations and the quality of the photos were good.  Adding a wide open aperture to the camera has definitely changed the quality of indoor photos.


iphone 4S no flashThis photo was taken in a moderately lit resturant.  Note that the graininess is gone!  I haven't taken a lot of photos as of yet.  But I will.  I've got Quinn to a point now that he will smile and say cheese for me.  He loves looking at the photos on my phone, and watching a 17 month old flick through the pictures on the phone is something I would never have expected to see in my lifetime.


Below is a photo that I just took outside my living room window.  


Yes Steve, this is a winner.  Thank you for your last and best gift to us to date!



I wanted to keep this forever

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