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Oh man, I just can’t decide.  Which camera should I bring?  I’ve been researching the webz and read that you should leave valuables at home.  Actually the wording went something like:  Don’t take anything you would mind losing.  Don’t wear flashy jewelry, there goes my bling dangit.   


But back to the Camera, yes a capital C camera the camera I have been lusting after since it’s release in February...the new DSLR the full frame lusciousness, the 36.1 megapixel that is 20.1 megapixels on medium setting wonderful goodness, the new Nikon D800.  I am totally in love with her already, and I’ve been thinking about naming her but so far haven’t come up with anything worthy and fitting.  


Do I risk it?  Do I bring it along on a once in a lifetime cruise to the Mediterranean where I’ve read don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose... How can I risk it?  What if it rains while we are on offshore excursions?  


I don’t want to carry it with me everywhere, but I will. I have done that before with the D300 and even once in Deadwood South Dakota I panicked because I couldn’t find it and guess where it was strapped: round my neck.  I’m such a doofus sometimes.   


So do I bring it?  I have a really nice pocket camera, a Nikon Coolpix S8000.  It has it’s own very special Coach pouch-but then again, they tell you not to be a spectacle, to leave the good jewelry at home.  Do I dare carry my Coach accessories in my purse that  obviously is not? 


And then the real truth is...My camera is my jewelry.  How can I leave it behind when I have the opportunity to devour the manual while we are at sea and learn all the intricacies of my new toy? 


I will have opportunity to take macro art photos in places I’ve never been, maybe never will go again...I need it.  Don’t I?  


What to do, what to do.  I’m more than willing to leave the diamonds at home, but the camera too?


PS:  It's heavy

PSS: It takes wonderful photos!

PSSS: I'm getting so excited! 

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Sunday at Edgewood


It was 48 degrees with a windchill of 43.  I dressed in layers.  There was no way I could get out of golfing today, I promised him we’d play on Sunday.  Our golf cart is enclosed and we zipped it up and it wasn’t too bad out there today.  We didn’t need the heater, and we have golfed when it was needed so you know we weren’t freezing.  The sun is also warmer this time of the year and there are so many spring flowers at the golf course to shoot!   The fact that we have a golf cart heater shows you that my hubby is a golf nut.  I also own winter golf gloves and a wind/rain suit so I am pretty much prepared for anything on the course.  



Michael teed off at about 11:30 and I tweeted about freezing and playing best ball so we would get done faster.  Our golf pro shot me back a BRRR tweet.  We were only out in the wind and cold when we were hitting and putting and when I was taking photos.  I got to see some beautiful red flowers and test the limits of shooting macro with my iPhone. 



The last hole we played was number number seven.  Michael was so frustrated with his game that he just took me home.  He called to ask if he could have his lesson sooner rather than at 3 as was scheduled.  John was of course very accommodating and gave hubby his lesson shortly after. I decided lessons aren’t for me anymore.  I know I can’t be any better than I am no matter how many lessons I take.   


Seven was plenty for me today.  We were lulled into a false sense of warmth back inMarch, but so far, April has been a bust.  I just hope that May is warmer.  I’m just itching to get out in the garden without being windblown and frozen into a Karen-sicle.  



But in the meantime I’ve got a few ideas in my head to write about.  I’m really digging using Siri as a voice assistant and dictating what I want to write about in Notes.  I decided to take the plunge into NaBloPoMo because the subject is play.  That sounds right up my alley!  


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The birds didn’t even land on the ground yesterday, that’s how windy it was in Big Bend.  I just noticed that the Robins are in the back yard, welcome back!  Where do you hide when the wind is blowing little birds?  



We have many mature trees on our property and when the wind blows like it did yesterday, I am amazed that they don't snap and break.  How they bend and sway, doing the hula dance, how far they can bend without snapping.  We aren’t always this lucky, we’ve had a few big trees and limbs come down in the past during wind storms.   



We tried to golf on Sunday, but after 5 holes, I just gave up.  I was tired of fighting the wind for the door on the golf cart, and the windshield blew off numerous times.  We’re pretty lucky we didn’t break it, because every time it blew off we ran over it.  Saturday we had better luck.  Hubby played 18 but I quit after nine, just happy that I could break 60 after a 2 year hiatus.  



It felt good to be out there again.  I forgot how much I love being outside, and the surprises that nature brings us when we golf.  I can still swing and hit the ball, and play double bogey golf, and that’s not so shabby for a gal who’s 55 and has had her spine fused.  I don’t ever expect to be a good golfer, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I may never break 100 consistently.  Some people have the golf gene, but not me.



Speaking of being 55, the other night when we were out at dinner, I caught a glimpse of my upper arm.  When did these old lady arms replace my arms?  Right there and then,  I decided to start working out.  Arms legs and my core, just being careful to avoid any weight lifting that would affect my spine.  We have a weight lifting system in the basement.  I’m thinking about venturing down there to check it out.  I asked hubby if he’d show me how to work it and he said it was a piece of cake.  I really don’t like having old lady arms!  


Last Thursday, when I got to Nikki’s, she asked if I wanted to go to the park with them. Quinn could play with Jordy and Cooper, his friends from daycare.  They had a blast, even little Gavin had fun.  I brought my camera along and got some photos of pure glee from both boys!  This kind of photography is when the zoom lens comes in handy.  There are no poses, no fake smiles for the camera.  



Gavin on the Swing

I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey last week.  I don’t want to spoil it for you if you hadn’t read it yet, but let me say this.  If you ever read the stories in Penthouse Forum (do they still have that magazine?), this was similar but long and drawn out.  I really don’t need to read the other two books in the trilogy, I’ve had enough of Christian and Anastasia.


I still haven’t made a meal plan for the week, but this is soup week.  My freezer is empty and it’s time to get cooking!  I plan to make chicken and rice with spinach, and beef and bean soup.  


Nikki is picking me up this morning to take the babies to their well baby check up.  She’ll be here at 8:30.  I don’t think she is comfortable going out alone yet with both kids.  It will get a little easier for her as time passes, the boys are growing so quickly.  



When I get home, I’m headed to the garden with the D300 to access tulip damage from the windstorm.  I’m glad I got some photographs earlier in the week, I’m pretty suer the petals still on the stalks will be ragged from the wind.



Speaking of cameras, over the weekend, hubby told me to go ahead and put the Nikon d800 on order.  It is backordered, but I’m not sure for how long.  I check my email more frequently than usual... I’m just waiting for that email that says “we’ve shipped your d800”.  To say I’m excited is just an understatement.  He told me that I should have it because photography is my hobby.  And because he loves me. 


His birthday is on Sunday.  I invited all the kids over for birthday dinner and celebration.  I haven’t heard back from any of them, but I am sure they will be here.  Michael turns 55!  I got him all kinds of cool gifts and I’m so excited to give them to him.  He has no idea what is in the gift bags and I haven’t dropped any hints.  



What he does know is that Fed Ex had to redeliver one of his presents because we missed the signature on Friday.  I bet he has a good guess at that one.  Oh well.  He’ll still be surprised at the other gifts.  


I finally got one of my April to dos done yesterday.  It was a big project and I knew it would be met with resistance, so I’d been putting it off.  Yesterday he asked me to order him some new scrubs as his scrubs were all way too big.  So I figured it would be a good time to get rid of all his big clothes that were mashed into his armoire.  I so should have taken a before photo, you just wouldn’t believe how many pairs of shorts and jeans were crammed in there.


There are 3 bags for Goodwill.  He was so grateful.  50 pounds down honey!  Great job!  Next I need to tackle those drawers... Do you keep after your significant others wardrobe?  I think I’d be kind of upset if he cleaned out my clothes, but honestly, he’s not going to do it.  And now there’s room for new clothes.  


Alright, I’m off to get ready for my date!  





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All Tied up in Knots 


I wield a stick with a hook at the end, and use fine soft beautiful yarn and tie knots with my hook, transforming the yarn into beautiful blankets.  Lately I’ve been doing more crocheting than I had in the past, because my hands hurt.  But having daughter ask for blankets for the babies spurred me into action and I’m now working on afghan number three.  This one is for Mr. Quinn for his big boy bed.   


I started it today when Michael went to the gym, and quickly went through a skein and a half.  The pattern is from Michaels, and it’s called Baby Clouds Heaven’s Stripes Blanket.  I was a little nervous about it because for some reason I am a dunce when it comes to following a pattern.  This one is fairly easy, I’m using a size N hook.   


So that’s been my day, busily working on the blanket and oh yeah, I made a killer pot of white chili with chicken for dinner, served up with whole foods flour tortillas.  Yum.  I followed Paula Dean’s recipe, and trimmed the fat by using olive oil to cook the onions and chicken and garlic before adding the broth and beans and green chili.  Oh it was good.  Here’s the recipe if you want to try it.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/white-bean-chili-recipe/index.html

I thought of taking pictures, and then was busy opening cans (I love pantry meals) and stirring spices and just forgot.   


Ok, I’m off, to work on Quinn’s big boy blanket!  

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Easy Scarf to Crochet

Super Easy Scarf to Crochet in 2 hours!

I had a leftover skein of white baby clouds yarn from the blanket that I made for Mr. Quinn’s toddler bed staring at me from the yarn basket so I decided to make a scarf.  The hook I used was the same size as his blanket, a N or 10.00 mm.  

From start to finish it took me 2 hours!  It was easy enough to do, and now I think I’m going to make a couple for Christmas gifts.  Maybe. Probably not.  But it's an idea!  We're going to be super busy until Christmas and beyond, as our kids are traveling out of state for the holidays.

Back to the scarf, you need about 140 yards of loopy or super bulky yarn.  (that was one skein)

Start by making a chain as long as you want the scarf.  Mine ended up being about 6 feet long.  Make sure your chain ends on an odd number.

After making the chain, crochet 2 chain stitches (ch) and turn and double crochet (dc) in 4th  chain stitch from the hook.  chain 1, then skip one chain stitch and dc in the next chain stitch.  Repeat repeat repeat


Row 1: ch 2, dc in third ch from hook, (ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc in next ch) across to the end. 

Row 2: turn, ch 2, dc in first ch, (ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc in next ch) across to the end.  

I repeated row 2 six times and my finished scarf is taller than me (about 71 inches long) and about 6 inches wide.  


I'll be wearing it tomorrow to the Christmas party for sure!  Unless the weather warms up as forecasted.    


modeling the scarf i made tonight

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