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I battled strep throat that started last Thursday until Sunday.  There is no grown 55 year old woman that should ever have a sore throat like that!  But I'm coming out of it finally!


 I've still not had a normal temperature but my throat doesn't hurt so much and I can finally eat a little more than squishy soft foods.  I actually had home made bread for dinner tonight with my worlds best bean soup.  My new measuring cups leave the cutest mess! 


The highlight of the last five days was reading Suzie Ivy's Bad Luck Cadet.  It was impossible to put down.  Suzie, you kept my brain functioning the last few days!  Police training academy sounds like army boot camp times one million.  

May I just say this, if you are questioning your ability to grab the rope and climb, read Suzie's story.  Signing up for the police academy at a younger age would have been tough work and she did it in her 40's.  Suzie is just all kinds of amazing.

 If you haven't read her book yet, do.  You'll be glad you did

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