Blog  my heart broke into a million pieces the day your life was ended so tragically.  but you live on John, through your children, through your music, through your message.

Imagine no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing All the World
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Hubby took me to Arts Camera shop today, at my request, to look for the perfect bag for my dslr and iPad for travel and daily use and I think I may finally have the perfect one:  Think Tank Urban Disguise 35 which is a saddle bag.  I've had a rather rough time finding the perfect bag for my gear, enough so that I could open my own camera bag storefront!  Ok, not really that many, but I can think of six that I've bought off the top of my head, and they all failed failed failed for some reason or the other. I think this bag Might Be The One.  <fingers crossed>

We had gone to the casino last night, and I didn't lose ALL the money I took to gamble with, I had a bit leftover and priced the tele-converters while we were at the camera store. They didn't have the Nikon that would have cost twice as much as the Promaster 2.0 that I did end up buying!  Hubby wanted to know what I bought that added up to 350.00!  (the husband thing).  

So I rushed home.  Ok we drove leisurely, after all we were out for errands.  But when we got home, I quickly assembled the 70-200, the 2.0 TC, and popped it onto my camera and took off for the park, where the Great White Egrets have been hanging out with the Great Blue or two.  Guess how many birds were there?  Less than ten.  Did you guess correctly?  ZERO!!  

argh.  murphy's law hits karen again.  

ps this isn't an ad, but here is the bag i got an love!
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today is my first spinal injection for pain.  i'm scared :(
DSC_7525I'm not really happy with these photos, and today if I have time I am heading to the camera store to finally buy the tc-17.  Karen needs MORE zoom!

 DSC_7526I can't figure out how to move these pics around in the body of my blog post here, but I am getting closer to figuring the whole photo thing out!


eriously, I need more zoom!

 DSC_7548   DSC_7556

lright, I'm posting now before I lose anything!
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hit the jackpot today while birding, about 10 great white egrets and a great blue heron down at the park.  will be uploading later, heading out for dinner soon.
<a href="" title="dancing great blue heron by KarenLynnn, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="681" alt="dancing great blue heron" /></a>
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just can't get photographs to upload.  the blue box never turns green.  ugh!
I hit the jackpot today.  To bad I don't have the teleconverter yet.  Anyway, I found these two together.  The GBH looked either to be courting the GWE or else he was threatened by me, but I was pretty far away (therefore the picture quality being crappy) Karen needs more zoom.  Period.

Too bad you don't get to see them on this blog entry.  The upload got stuck!
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i lost 4 paragraphs almost ready to be posted!
my attempt to go 24 hours using JUST my iPad is failing. i'm at about 50% for the time allotted. typing is very difficult for me on the iPad, i should get a keyboard.  DSC_7325 i'm still going to give it my best shot today, once i answer my emails  

and then there is the photo that I tried to put into the body of this message...ok trying with another photo.  hey where do the photos go that disappear after i've uploaded them?  ok i found 2 of them!  nevermind!

 DSC_7328 i just read an article about catching birds in flight, suggesting programmed auto mode.  i gave that a try, and it seemed to work better than trying to pan on A mode.
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just wanted to say i am really impressed with the dedication and personal service from livecloud!  thank you so much for jumping out of the twitterverse to guide me in the right direction to make suggestions :)
um yeah, this isn't going to work for me.  too much effort to add a photo to my post :(
Do you realize only one more week till John Lennon's birthday?  He would be 70 this year.  Happy Birthday John.  If everyone followed your messages of peace and love in your music, the world would be a better place.
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is wondering how i have so many hits on my photostream on flickr today...mysteries of internet life
seriously thinking about VIP so i can load my photographs!
Hi Rosemary, thank you for friending me!  :)
Learning the ropes, I have 4 buddies already, thank you LOM :)
again, a new place to blog!  i haven't committed anywhere, so i'm willing to give livecloud a try.  too bad there is not an iphone app!!
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