When Did I Become Such A Fraidy Pants?

☮Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman. -- Marian Anderson  

When did I become such a sissy? I've been fearless mostly all of my life, until recently.  Last night was the Perseid Meteor shower and I was afraid to go outside alone. Hubby was sleeping. So I just laid in bed wishing I had the courage.  

We live in the middle of nowhere, our back yard butts up to a nature preserve. There are neighbors on the left and the right of us, but spaced fairly far apart which is cool because we are not right on top of each other.
A few weeks ago, hubby and I were in the living room watching tv, at about 10:30 BANG BANG BANG hammering pounding at the front door. Immediately, my limbs turned into jello and I couldn't move, other than the shaking from the fear. Who would be pounding on our door at 10:30pm? 
Hubby called the cops and told them what happened and they came to patrol the subdivision. That calmed my nerves, knowing that the police were driving around.  
Then just the other night, ding dong at 10:30. Who the heck is ringing our bell at 10:30 pm? Same thing happened, I turned to mush as hubby went to investigate.  No one was there either time. Maybe it's the neighborhood kids playing? 
So hubby called ADT, and we are going to have a security system installed. One with a camera that works with my iPad and so I can see who is at my door. 
Maybe I watch too much Investigation Discovery and Walking Dead. I know for sure we are toast if zombies find our house. We have floor to ceiling windows everywhere. Thank goodness that the ADT comes with a glass break alarm.

                  Security System

                  Killer Shih Tzu
Now I just have to train the dogs how to jump high enough to eat zombie brains.     


                                    Zombie Protection

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