Two Tens From BlogHer12

Make that one ten and an eight please.  Here are my yay's and nay's from BlogHer12.  


Things I loved about BlogHer12

  1. The hugs.  
  2. POTUS, Martha, Katie, Soledad, VOTY
  3. Elisa and Lisa knowing who I was
The Poise Comedy Show
Having hubby along
Meeting my lady friends from Chatter
The incredible leaning unicorn cake at Sparklecorn
Someone said she fell over
Having the Em's stick people along to help me break the ice
Sitting on the floor with Nikki outside Social Fiesta and catching up
She Broke Her Phone
Seeing "underwear man" in NYC
Things I Loathed
  1. The elevator situation
  2. The food at the VOTY reception
  3. 26 dollar chicken burger in the lobby bar (how would I like that done?  cooked please)
  4. Noise level in the Grand Ballroom during Speed Dating
  5. The cattiness (just one incident, that was enough)
  6. The lady who pushed her way past me in the food line at Social Fiesta 
  7. The cab driver who charged us 70.00 from Laguardia to the Hilton
  8.  Saying goodbye 
How about you?  What did you love?  What did you loath? 
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