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Last year at BlogHer11 in San Diego, there was a session called "Boomer Bloggers" and seriously, it called my name. I was born in 1956, so I am smack dab in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation. For those of you who don't know, or haven't heard of us, we are the Baby Boomer generation, we were born between 1946 and 1964. We are now a huge segment of the population.  

The funniest thing about attending the Boomer session last year was the TV outside the room stating that this was the classroom for "Elder Bloggers". I chuckled to myself and probably said a few words out loud about my sudden entrance to elderhood.  
The meeting itself was an awakening for me.  I realized that there were quite a few of us, women and men, who blog.  We are also consumers, and I can definitely see a shift in advertising targeting us Elders.  We have opinions, and advertisers want to hear from us. 
The Boomer meeting was also the brainchild for Anne-Marie Kovacs and Chris Bradshaw to create BOOMbox Network, a place for baby boomers to network and connect.  
I'm proud to be a member of this group of wonderful ladies.  When I attended BlogHer12 in NYC a few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a party just for us boomers.  I must say I was thrilled to be invited!  However, I am extremely shy in person and I didn't do enough networking while I was there.  I'm disappointed in myself for being so backward when I had the opportunity to meet sponsors and possibly attract more paid writing.  I love it when I get paid to give my opinion!  
The party was wonderful and Anne-Marie was a gracious hostess. She is just a lovely woman.  But because I was alone, I felt strange.  Everyone seemed to be with someone there, except me.  I did have a ticket for hubby to attend, but he said no at the last minute.  So I didn't stay long.  While I was there, I did my best to thrust out my hand proclaiming "Hi, I'm Karen Sandoval" and handing out my cards to other bloggers.  
But soon the shyness consumed me and I found Anne-Marie and told her that I needed to head back to the Hilton.  She gave me a hug and a few jars of delicious brittle to take back to hubby.  
Thanks so much Anne-Marie and Chris.   

Underwear Man

On the cab ride to the party, we passed Underwear Guy.  The cabdriver pointed him out to me.  I've seen him on TV a few times and it was exciting to get his photo! 


 I'm not sure how I got my times messed up but I arrived a half hour early. That gave me time to walk around a bit and take some photographs. The party was held at OffSite Parties, halfway between 5th and 6th avenue in New York. This firetruck was parked a few buildings up from the party.


Since I had some time to kill, I walked around the block and snapped a few photos. 

Early for the Party

I also had time to go into Lord & Taylor and find a souvenir. If you know me, you know what that might be, right?  

Souvenir From NYC

Michael and I were texting, I was a little unsettled about being alone in New York City, and I got some security knowing he was actively communicating with me.  When I told him I was at Lord & Taylor, he told me to buy a purse.  This is the photo I sent him, and yep, this is my NYC souvenir purse. Lately I've had a thing for Michael Kors, mainly because the logo is MK (Michael Karen). Michael approves, he likes the MK thing too


Fifth Ave, NYC

I must say I had a wonderful time, before during and after the BOOMbox party. 


I love NYC!   

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