Private Lunch in Lazio

Oh, writing about my travels is helping me relive the experience but it's wearing me out in a different way.  At least my legs aren't tired.  Nor is my back screaming!  But emotionally, I'm toast!
So, after visiting Gandolfo we made our way back down the hill to our tour bus.  It was time to take off for our pasta making lesson and private lunch at a farmhouse in Lazio.

I loved our tour guide, he reminded me so much of my grandpop Morati.  He wore a pressed gray suit, a white dress and starched shirt, a tie and a tee shirt underneath.  He also sported a bald head which grandpop never did intentionally.  Grandpop was just thin haired and had what hair did grow was always trimmed into a neat hairdo.  He was much younger than I, but he still reminded me of grandpop.

We traveled windy country roads, the tour guide jumped out and moved a barricade so we could drive through a street that was closed, and then finally, we arrived at the Ristorante.  

a section in the back of the resturant

I encouraged Michael to take part in the pasta making.  It was old hat to me, I had done it so many times when I was a young girl.  Slap me, but I didn't take any photos of him rolling the dough.  

The restaurant was at a beautiful farm and the inside was decorated just as lovely as the outside of the place.  All the tables were set with orange tablecloths.Untitled

tables of orange


homemade whine


We were served homemade bread (hard as a rock) bacon soaking in olive oil (no thanks) salad and then lasagna and little pasta in sauce. And of course some homemade wine. Everything was delicious but the bacon and the bread.  

Did I mention it was hot?  Inside, it had to be at least in the mid 80's.  There wasn't a window open, and by the time we were done eating, I had melted. I excused myself from our table and went and sat outside under a canopy and caught a little breeze.  I took a few photos of my Epiphanie Bags Ginger while I was out there and soon enough, Michael came out and joined me.  


Ginger being posed


Ginger, my well traveled Epiphanie camera bag
They were serving desert complete with ice-cream inside the restaurant, but I was too hot to be eat.  A waitress came out and asked if I wanted a coffee and I asked in my best Italian "cappuccino fredo please" and she brought me a hot cappuccino.  Oh well.  Maybe my Italian isn't as good as I thought.  My entire two word language skills:  Cappuccino Fredo.  

After a while a few ladies joined us under the canopy to catch a breeze.  The tour resumed with a visit to the wine cellar, but I didn't join.  I don't drink much, I did taste a few wines while we were in Italy, and I even drank an Entire Glass Of Champagne when I won the slot contest (more about that later) but today I had no interest in going to the cellar.  I just wanted to go back to the boat!  


birdhouse chimneys


closer shot of one of the birdhouses atop the chimney
They told me I would have enjoyed it, as the temperature in the wine cellar was much cooler than outside.  I was happy taking photos outside while they tasted the restaurants home made wine.  


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