Melissani Lake, Greece

We met at the bus and continued on our tour to Melisanni Lake, an underground lake in a cave exposed after an earthquake.  The tour guide told us of the scientific experiment done to track the waters passage from the Ionia Sea with harmless dyes in 1963 by Austrian geomorphologists.  They looked to find the path it traveled under and through Kefalonia.  They found it headed back to sea at Sami Bay two weeks later.  



The brackish water from the sea filters through the limestone foundation of the island and is converted to mostly sweet water when it reaches the underground lake of Melissani. I stuck my arm in the water and tasted it, it was definitely not salty.  I think the guide said if you pulled water from six meters down, it would taste brackish.  

Melisanni is a beautiful underground lake and cave located north west of Sami on the Island of Kefalonia.  After the tour guide promised my my camera wouldn't get wet, we made the trek down the stairs of the cave and boarded the boat for our tour of the lake. I just realized now that we arrived at the cave at the optimum time to see it's beauty.  


At noon when the sun is overhead and filtering into the cave, there are glorious views of the bottom of the lake which is 32 meters deep in places.  The water was crystal clear to the bottom.  


32 meters deep


 I am superexcited for tomorrow is Santorini!

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