Guess Who Won the Slot Tournament?

When the ship was at sea, the casino on the boat opened.  They held a slot tournament in Club 21 casino that we paid ten dollars to push the button as fast as we could and pray that you get the high score.  I have done another slot tournament in Vegas and it wasn't nearly as fun.  But then again, I did win the entire tournament!  500 dollars!  Woo hoo!  (i put it in my apple/camera fund envelope)



Counting the cash


So at the finals, the casino gave us each of the finalists a Club 21 teeshirt for qualifying for the last round. I put mine on right away, overtop the shirt I was wearing. None of the other five finalists did that though, they handed their shirts to loved ones cheering them on. I figured it would be a good luck thing if I did. 


I really won!  


They handed each of us a glass of champagne. I don't drink! So I set it aside and the game began. Same format, we got five minutes and whoever accumulated the most points won. 

Everyone else was pounding the respin button!  I can't do that because of my stupid arthritis makes pounding hurt my hand like crazy. So I'd wait till the last reel stopped spinning and then hit the button. At first I thought my handicap would dash my chances of winning, but I was wrong!!
Soon I was over 8 thousand points and the clock was ticking down and blammo!  I won!!  

Now this winning didnt offset what we had lost in club 21, but actually it was a bit more than I personally lost. I drank the champagne


The gal who ran the tournament


Anyway, I was a Stunned and Happy girl! What an awesome way to end the trip!  It erased my sadness over pulling away from Italy. Did I tell you I cried my eyes out when the ship shoved off from Florence?  Yeah, Im sappy like that. 

Next up, photos from the Silk Den and our last sunset on board. 
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