Disembarkation and First Glimpse of Barcelona

Our instructions were to tag our bags with the tags they provided with the instruction sheet, and put them outside of our room before 2am.  I was a little nervous about putting the bags in the hallway, but not for the reasons you may think.  The ship was so pristine, I didn't want to be the first to put our bags out and clutter up the hallway.

Last port of call

the port of Barcelona

We were the first to put bags out.  Hubby wrestled with the bags and the door shutting on him which I really didn't realize until he came back in and said "you could have helped by holding the door".  I told him I didn't realize he was having a rough time.  But he got them out and we were all packed except what we were wearing to disembark and on with our vacation.  We were spending 2 days in Barcelona!

Camera Roll-336

pristine hallway of the 8th floor


But first, disembarkation.  The ship kindly put all of our bags through customs, and the suitcases were in the port waiting for us, we had pink tags on our bags.  Once again, we were faced with "how the heck are we going to get all these bags out of the port".  
Luckily a porter showed up with a cart and loaded us up.  He spoke very little English, but hubby managed to communicate with him via American dollars and he stayed with us until we finally got hailed a cab that was big enough to fit all our luggage.  The entire shipload of people were in the taxi line, we were somewhere in the middle, but it seemed like forever until it was our turn.  And it was hot.  I didn't take any photos of the port of Barcelona, or the big taxi line of people.  I should have.  


Once we arrived at the Pullman Skipper Barcelona, we were relieved to find out we could possibly check into our room a little early.  While we were waiting, we went to the little bistro cafe/bar in the hotel lobby, and I had my cappuccino Fredo and Michael had a Spanish beer.  


cappuccino fredo of the day

The hotel manager had told us to go walk down to the beach, it was just a block away, but by now we knew that one block equaled 10 blocks in Europe, so we just hung around in the lobby.  We didn't wait for long, our room was ready before noon. 


waiting to get our room at the Pullman Skipper


We started unpacking what we needed for our 2 day stay in Barcelona.  The night before, I had packed all my dress clothes and shoes and everything that I wouldn't need until we got home in one suitcase, and casual clothes that I would need into the other.  I was busy putting stuff in drawers and closets when Michael realized we had forgotten one of his bags.


worlds tiniest tube of toothpaste


I told him, no worries, it had the pink tag on it with our name address and phone number along with the name and phone number of the hotel we were staying at so we'd be able to locate it fairly easily.  


our view over the Sea at the Pullman Skipper

He rushed down to the front desk and asked for help.  Here is where the language barrier wasn't a good thing.  So, he hailed a cab and headed back to the port where we were dropped off in Barcelona.  He knew which area we came out of because our ship was still there, already loading up the next cruise load of people.  They found his bag and he came back to the Pullman Skipper and we just hung around the room for the day. 


little restaurant in the Pullman Skipper


Michael booked us a new seminar, this time in Vegas!  (and someone is NOT gambling…she's going shopping with the gambling money!)
I wish I had taken more photos of disembarkation!  After he was finished making arrangements for Vegas, we took a walk to the beach and had dinner in a cool little restaurant that served an awesome cheese plate.  


cheese plate, yum!



I'll have a side of Rocket please.  wth?


a performer on the beach walkway (is it a boardwalk if it's tiles?)


Tomorrow we tour Barcelona!  
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