Did You Ever Burn Your Tongue?

Ouch holy cow ouch.  I burnt my tongue the other day on coffee (what else?) and I'm just not liking the healing process.  If I eat it hurts.  This could be good for weight loss.  Ha.  No thanks.  

Have you ever done it?  If I had been by the sink when I took that sip I would have quick spit it out but I wasn't.  I figure I can tough it out and it's going to cool to mouth temperature soon, right?  Well sure it cooled down enough to swallow and good thing I didn't try to really tough it out and swallow it right away because my throat would be burnt too.  This sucks!  
So I've been googling around on the net looking for quick remedies for a burnt tongue.  Advice I've read includes, suck on ice, drink lots of milk (it'll coat the burn) eat ice cream (dang we don't have any) and be patient, it will heal.  
Any day now please.  Aye carumba!  Anyone got any home remedies for tongue burn? 

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