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When I was in NYC for BlogHer12, the first session I attended  was an off-site program put on by Adorama called "Blographer". I am a photoblogger, although I use this term loosely to describe my blog.  I don't write about photography, rather I showcase a photo or two (or ten) in my blogs. This session called to me, as I want to be a better photoblogger and was very interested in learning new ideas.  

1st Annual Blographer


I'm a long time customer of Adorama, and I was excited when I opened the email from them about the first annual Blographer. At the time I signed up, I had never heard the term "outboarding" and I did not see the harm in attending as it was scheduled on Thursday: Pathfinder and Healthminder day at BlogHer, neither of which I had planned on attending. (I'm sorry Elisa and Lisa, next year I will attend Pathfinder, I promise).
All that being said, I am glad I decided to attend this session. The classroom was well appointed with tables and chairs and Adorama also provided refreshments in the morning and a wonderful lunch in the afternoon.
I didn't balk at the price for this session, the fee was minimal at 69 dollars for me and 30 dollars for a guest. My guest was probably the only man attending Blographer, but hubby is a good sport and came with me. Once we got settled and started, Joel announced that he would be refunding the fees we paid for the course. That was a nice gesture, and much appreciated. Thanks!
The sessions were given by women photobloggers and were chock full of great information. In the beginning of the session, I was typing like crazy trying to log all the excellent information given to us. And then I realized that I could just take photos of the powerpoint presentations and be able to refer back to them later. Ah, technology. 


Hopefully next year Adorama can be an official sponsor of BlogHer and have a class like this at the convention. There are a ton of people who would really love this course! (and I won't feel guilty for attending a non sponsored class!)
I want to thank Joel Meisels and Adorama for putting on this wonderful class for bloggers. Even though it wasn't an official BlogHer event, I did enjoy the learning experience.  
Thanks so much Adorama
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